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Training shotcrete specialists trough theoretical, practical and virtual methods


3D Shotcrete Simulator uses high-tech three-dimensional technology. This is crucial for virtual training of shotcrete operators. The working environment is perceived by the trainees in three dimensions. Thus, operators are able to estimate the spraying angle and the distance from the nozzle to the surface of the rock. Training in 3D environment increases the realism of the simulation. The successful simulation relies on the progreammed patterns based on concrete modeling of adhesion and detachment.

The 3D Shotcrete Simulator is a tool for training and upgrading the skills of shotcrete operators and specialists, and is used by tunneling and mining companies, as well as other shotcrete users. The simulator includes standdarised training package that allows beginners in shotcrete spraying to reach a good level of training before entering the production process. The simulator also allows experienced operators to improve their qualifications. More than anything, the simulator offers the acquisition of practical skills outside the working environment in a peaceful, friendly and safe working environment without losses and waste accompanying sprayed concrete. Furthermore, 3D Simulator provides a more efficient training, thanks to the possibility of obtaining real-time information for an angle of the nozzle and the distance from surfaces, the rebound and excess amount, the concrete used during the session and the dropouts - important parameters determining the quality and value of the final product. These parameters can not be measured in an active work environment. Typically, new operators training on site, using remote controlled robot takes up to five hours a week. The simulator allows the process of reaching good level of qualification to accelerate, increasing training time to 40 hours per week.

Training program

The program is adapted to meet the needs of the participants in the shotcrete application. It is divided into two main blocks:

    Specialised training and qualification of operators of robots for applying sprayed concrete (shotcrete).
    Specialized training of management personnel - managers of shift, technicians, and other.

Each of the blocks is divided into two modules:

    Theoretical, for two days, gives insight into the sprayed concrete and it's specifics, function, requirenments, qualitative control and testing. Review of recent advances in shotcrete technology. The theoretical part ends with a test/quiz.
    Practical, based on 3D Simulator, for 5 days (only for operators), in which they are asked to solve different problens and situations, by controling the robot's boom, using a remote, in order to oprimese the layers thickness, the rebound, the accelerator dosage, preventing detachment and sprayed concrete dropouts and so on. The assignments include spraying behind corner or in a speciffic area, minimum - maximum thickness, time limit and other.
The course ends with a practical examination, the results of which are evaluated by the 3D Simulator.

Terms and conditions for the course

BLUE SQUARE Ltd. provides specially equipped rooms where the theoretical and practical training take place, including laboratory exercises. The course is taught by qualified professionals. During training, participants have excellent conditions for acquisition of the material, as well as opportunities for individual sessions. In order to intensify the process of training, the students are provided with food and drinks on site.

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